Zonexim Solutions is a one of a kind sourcing, buying and consultancy agency providing professional skills and services. We are there for you and your company to market your products and services with full support in developing and winning new sales channels.

We help you

With your search for local distributors, suppliers and manufacturers. Right from price negotiations to on-site formalities, you will find a trustworthy partner in us.

We strongly believe

In forming long-term business relationships with organisations. You can rely on us to help you find and establish new sales channels to help facilitate import-export opportunities or investments related to real estate for companies as well as for individuals.

We understand

That a good knowledge of local market is essential for any successful business venture. For that reason, our consultancy services are spread across the world with competent local managers to deal with every major and minor issue specific for each location, meanwhile helping you to organise trips and build business relations worldwide.

We provide

Sound advice and a great support service for establishing your business to business sales operations. As your trusted sales representative, we help you establish valuable customer relationships with assistance in fully informed decision making.